Adventure Transportation

If you are looking to explore eastern Prince William Sound and Copper River Delta but do not have a boat, have no fear. Fishstix Charters will gladly take you where you need to go and pick you back up. Below are just a few of the possible destinations you can visit in the eastern Prince William Sound and Copper River Delta area.


Barrier Islands

The barrier islands of the copper river delta are a true gem and seldom visited. Excellent beachcombing, birdwatching and long sandy beaches are just a few of the wonders these islands have to offer.


Forrest Service Cabins

The Eastern sound is home to two beatuful US Forest Service cabin sites. Both are located on Hitchenbrook Island. The first is in Double bay. The second is in Shelter Bay. Both cabins are maintained by the Forest service and there is a usage fee.


The Sound

The vast majority of the Eastern Prince William Sound is USFS land which makes camping very easy. If the area you want to camp in lies on native corporation land you just need to get a permit.